September 2015

Independent gets it wrong, but MMPC gets it right!

While the announcement of potential development was no surprise to any of us at the More Mesa Preservation Coalition, a recent article in the Independent (30 July 2015) , in response to a More Mesa Press release (here and here),  got it wrong. We have been tracking the possibility for development almost on a day-to-day basis for more than a year now. And while we did not know exactly when the owner of More Mesa would choose to announce the potential for development, we were expecting it.

We were also expecting the developer to take exception to restrictions which have been in place for More Mesa for decades, as well as to seek approval for a much larger development. Which they did as well; in an attempt to expand the development envelope in the Community Plan. Finally, while none of these moves by the developer was a surprise, the task ahead is daunting and we will need all the volunteer time and financial help our community can muster.

I will keep you posted.