August 2015


Well, the day we knew was coming, but wouldn’t welcome, has arrived.

On Tuesday, Kenneth E. Marshall, President of the development consulting firm Dudek, notified the Santa Barbara Planning Commission that he represented the Kalid Saud Al Shebaily Group (KSSG), the owners of More Mesa. He is joined by Jack Theimer and Kim Kimball.

The new group has sent their opening salvo in the form of objections to a number of the provisions in the updated Eastern Goleta Valley Plan. The centerpiece of their early effort is to raise the number of houses permitted to be built on More Mesa to more than the 70 that are currently allowed.

Mr. Marshall’s objections came just two days before this morning’s Planning Commission hearing to approve the plan. We were also there … as we have been throughout this entire nine year process. Dudek’s letter seems to be an initial feeler about development. We know there is probably much to come and we will keep you posted. We are assured by the Planning Department that no plans have been submitted and it is not clear whether or not any plans currently exist.

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