June 2004

Concert For The Coast
The Concert for the Coast, jointly sponsored by the Isla Vista Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation and the Shoreline Preservation Fund, was held on 15 May in Isla Vista. The objective of this yearly event is to raise awareness of local issues. This year, preservation of More Mesa was highlighted, both in messages from the stage, and at our display table. (Check out theĀ photos in the Special Events section.)

In addition, $450 in proceeds from a raffle, held concurrent with the concert, were donated to the More Mesa Preservation Coalition. Our thanks to Paul Colbert, organizer of the concert, and all the attendees. We truly appreciate your interest and support!

Usage Survey
Many of us are acutely aware of how important More Mesa is to our community. However, we need statistics, based on actual usage data, to accompany powerful messages about how much we care about More Mesa. For this reason, we will be conducting a More Mesa usage survey. Look for several different opportunities to complete this survey in the near future.