August 2010

The More Mesa Preservation Coalition is pleased to announce that Dan Gira has rejoined the Board of Directors of the MMPC.  And, in addition to being a Board member, Dan has agreed to assume the post of Vice-President as well.  Welcome back Dan!

Although we do not have our regular winter raptor visitors to enjoy at this time of year, there are still many beautiful and interesting birds to observe on More Mesa.  We have had several reports of a Peregrine Falcon, on and near the coast, sightings of Blue Grosbeaks and two recent reports of a Harrier Hawk as well.  And, while Peregrines and Grosbeaks are summer species on More Mesa, it is most unusual for Harrier Hawks to be observed at this time of year. Look for these and other rare birds during your visits to More Mesa.  And, be sure to report them by clicking on “Birds, Animals and Rare Plant Sightings” located at the bottom right hand side of the home page of this web site.  Sightings reports are very important because, while anecdotal in nature, they represent an extensive data base, that has been, and will continue to be, used as credible evidence for the existence of the various special species that live on More Mesa.

blue grosbeak
Blue Grosbeak on More Mesa