Vieja Kites – Second Chick

Second chick moved out of nest on August 26 
The second chick had been heard, but not seen, after August 19th. (It should be noted that almost all kite observation periods were less than 45 minutes – unfortunate because of the rarity of having breeding kites so close to home.)

At about 5:42 pm on August 26, the second and youngest chick moved out of the nest to join the oldest chick as it perched at the normal observation branch. The oldest chick flapped a few times and then flew southwest at about 5:47pm to an unseen landing place. The youngest chick remained in the nest tree. The following activity is shown in the slideshow.


  • August 26 : Both chicks at observation post. Youngest chick checking  surroundings.
  • August 30: Second chick’s first flight Both chicks were on the nesting oak at about 5:40pm. At 5:45pm, the oldest chick flapped its wings and then flew to the large gum tree. The youngest chick then flew to a tall tree south of the gum tree.
  • There was a lot of chatter between the two chicks. After the youngest flew from the nest tree to the tall tree, it ‘egraaked’ first and the older chick responded. After a period of quiet, the older chick in the gum tree initiated the ‘egraaking’ ‘call and response’.
  • August 30: Youngest chick lands after flight
  • August 30: Second chick
  • August 30: Second chick conversing
  • August 30: Second chick