Vieja Kites – Nesting


Kite activity in slideshow.

  • June 03: Adult kites seen in the area on the overcast morning. Male and female kites in the neighborhood, when I was out at 6:30am on a foggy morning.
  • June 03: Nesting tree discovered. Later the kites were found in tall trees in the neighborhood. After some time, they flew to a stand of oaks in the garden of a home next to a vacant lot. Thereafter, one of the kites flew off and returned to the oak with a twig in its beak.
  • June 04: Kite activity from about 5:30pm – 6:00pm. Male kite in tree at the south side of Vieja Drive.
  • June 04: Male kite flew to female on first cypress tree.
  • June 04: Female flew to another cypress tree.
  • June 04: Male flew to highest tree in area.
  • June 04: Male and female in different trees.
  • June 04: Both kites flew to nest tree. Male then flew to More Mesa.
  • June 06: Kite observed in tree about 4:40pm
  • June 12: Female eating food supplied by male. Male kite flew from More Mesa to the nest with a vole. The female flew to a cypress tree, and then swallowed the vole. Several minutes later, the pair flew back to the nest tree.
  • June 12: Female back on nest after eatiing. The male is at the top overlooking the nest.
  • June 29: Male seen hunting on More Mesa about 6pm.
  • June 29: 6:42 pm, female on nest, male south of nest tree.