November 2005

Coastal Commission Appeal Not Upheld
The Coastal Commission heard MMPC’s full appeal of the Hacienda Vieja Project on 16 November. Unhappily we did not prevail, and the project was approved, 7-4. While additional conditioning was placed on the wetland, kite related issues, and landscaping, the two-story houses remain as part of the development. However, we can hold our heads high as we move forward toward our goal of preserving More Mesa. As a group, we have achieved a laudable measure of success in the course of our 19 month involvement with this development. Specifically:

  • the initial design, consisting of four two-story houses was reduced to two two-story houses, and two one-story houses
  • all four houses were reduced approximately 10% in size
  • heights were lowered
  • the wetland has been taken out of the hands of the homeowners association, and will be bonded and monitored to insure it is restored and maintained properly.

Our sincerest thanks to all of you who have written dozens and dozens of support letters and sat through more than 40 hours of meetings with Planning and Development, the Planning Commission, the Board of Supervisors and the Coastal Commission. Without all of your efforts, our voices would never have been heard at all!

Myrtle Warbler, More Mesa