Forum 2006 – Question 4

Over the next several years, the Goleta Visioning process will lead to the creation of a new Goleta Community Plan for the east Goleta (Noleta) area. Describe how you would guide this process to increase protection for More Mesa and other open spaces in east Goleta.

Janet Wolf: The Goleta Visioning Committee (GVC) needs funding from the Board of Supervisors. In addition, the Comprehensive Planning Department needs input from all sectors, especially those who value Open Space. As a Second District Supervisor, I would support these issues in the updated Goleta Community Plan.

Joe Guzzardi: The State Housing mandate’s pressure for dense housing will create a domino effect and therefore result in increased pressure to develop More Mesa. We need to change the housing element, fight the mandate and change the laws.

Das Williams: The State mandate is dysfunctional. I agree that the decisions mandated by the Housing Element should have been delayed because the Housing Element usurps the authority of the Community Plan. Infill affordable housing is still possible, but should be planned simultaneously, and in conjunction with, provision for parks and open spaces. I am working with Pedro Nava in Sacramento to draft a modification to the bill that deals with this issue.