Forum 2006 – Question 5

Given population growth, the County’s land use plans may not provide long term protection for critical open space and agricultural land. Would you support formation of a south coast or countywide open space district or other substantial funding mechanism to provide a consistent source of funds for open space protection? What specific actions would you take to substantially increase funding for open space protection?

Joe Guzzardi: A tax that could fund preservation of open Space is possible, if the community wants it.  I would also use existing sources we have already described, as well as reprioritizing the budget to extract funds for Open Space.

Janet Wolf: We need to identify sites for workforce housing and establish the Goleta Community Plan. I am optimistic about raising funds from State, county and private sources.

Das Williams: To create a tax specifically for acquisition of Open Space would require a 66% approval by taxpayers and I doubt this would happen.  A conversion fee on upzoning agricultural land could be used to raise funds.