Cottonwoods are deciduous trees that grow in moist areas, and have been used as water indicators in the past. There are a number of different cottonwood species, two of which, Black Cottonwood and Fremont Cottonwood, are found in California. They are fast growing to a height 40 feet in the case of Fremont and 100 feet in Black Cottonwoods. When cultivated, watering should be long and infrequent to encourage deep root growth. Cottonwoods do not grow in shade and are important wildlife trees.

Populus is the genus name, and is the Latin for “people”. This is because the leaf stems of Populus trees are such that they can be turned and twisted in the wind giving the apperance of movement by many, or a crowd. Populus trichocarpa is the name for Black Cottonwood and Populus fremontii ssp. fremontii for Fremont Cottonwood. “Trichocarpa” means a hairy seed.

All of the photos were taken on More Mesa.