Vernal Pools – Monitoring

Many tadpoles and Pacific Chorus Frogs.

Plants: (This will be updated as the pool dries)
Common Spikerush – Eleocharis macrostachya
Needle Spikerush – Eleocharis acicularis
Slender juncus – Juncus occidentalis
Lythrum species – Non-native, wetland indicator
Harding Grass – Non-native, Phalaris aquatica, prefers dry grassland

Small Organisms:
A sample of the organisms contained in the More Mesa Vernal Pool was collected in late April 2011.  Subsequently, and within two hours of its collection, this material was analyzed.  A cursory look at the sample indicated that it might contain Clam Shrimp.  However, while there proved to be no Clam Shrimp (or Fairy Shrimp as discussed in the update Biological Resources Study), many other different organisms found in vernal pools and ponds were found.  These included several kinds seed shrimp, very small crustaceans, flatworms, and, both the larvae and adult forms, of several kinds of beetles.  Many of these taxa have affinities for the kinds of vegetation observed in the pool; that is, both plants that grow below the water(submergent plants) and those that are growing in the water, but break through the surface (emergent plants).