January 2012

Native Habitats on More Mesa Among the many ecological treasures of More Mesa are its plants and plant assemblages, also known as habitats. Six habitats, Oak Woodland, Riparian, Chaparral, Grasslands, Wetlands, and Coastal Sage Scrub, are listed in the Biological Resources Report released a year ago.

While we have provided a link to native plants on this site, last year we also began to describe habitats. In May, we added a feature on Vernal Pools, a type of wetland.

Coastal Sage Scrub This endangered habitat is found on More Mesa. From the California Coastal Commission web site: “Seventy to ninety percent of southern California’s coastal sage scrub has been destroyed. Nearly 100 species of plants and animals that depend on coastal sage scrub are currently classified as rare, sensitive, threatened or endangered by federal and state agencies.”

This is an excellent video on Coastal Sage Scrub produced by the San Mateo Creek Conservancy.

Coastal Sage Scrub, a Fragile Habitat from San Mateo Creek Conservancy on Vimeo.