Why the Community Cares

Below are some of the many comments MMPC has received from our supporters:

  • A treasure in our own backyard, More Mesa is an inspiration and sanctuary for so many.
  • A wonderful wild flower, bird watching and walking area … unlike any around.
  • More Mesa is a precious local resource for birds, wildlife and natural habitat. It is also precious in the grander scope of coastal California habitat.
  • This is my favorite beachside walk in Santa Barbara. I appreciate the peace, lack of crowds, and vistas of mountains and ocean.
  • I believe that More Mesa should be kept as natural as possible for the benefit of both wildlife and human residents of the community. The quality and value of the Santa Barbara experience depends upon our integration with the precious few remaining open spaces in the area, and of course with the other living things that dwell in the non-developed areas. If this small part of our coastal heritage is lost to private or commercial use, our common wealth will be compromised. Let’s respect this little bit of beauty, and so share it with the future, while we can.
  • More Mesa is the one place on the south coast where you can stand and look back at the mountains and see Santa Barbara almost as it was 150 years ago. And the bird life is fantastic as well. An actual undeveloped site right above the ocean is so worth preserving — there is so little left, we need to save all we can. It’s a jewel on this coast.
  • More Mesa is extremely special to me! I will leave SB if they develop More Mesa. I feel like the land is in a far away undeveloped area. Yet it is centrally located to SB and Goleta.
  • More Mesa is an incredibly unique and special place. It’s places like this that make Santa Barbara different from the concrete jungles of Los Angeles.
  • I love More Mesa and want it saved!