December 2005

Once again it has been a very busy year for the More Mesa Preservation Coalition

  • In March we published a Newsletter describing our activities in the past three years, and current threats to More Mesa . primarily from development around its edges. More than 1,000 Newsletters have been distributed to members of the community.
  • The More Mesa usage survey has been ongoing through most of the past year. Statistics have already been analyzed for the 230 responses we have collected thus far.
  • As a result of community interest and outreach activities (Earth Day, EDC TGIF event and contacts with various associations) our supporter data base has grown to more 700 entries.
  • Finally, many hundreds of hours were spent in the task of insuring appropriate development on the edges of More Mesa. During this process, we became state-wide “path finders” by highlighting the issue of inappropriately large houses despoiling the Coast to members of the California Coastal Commission. Although we did not prevail during the final Coastal Commission hearing on the Hacienda Vieja project, we believe we were heard and are making a difference. MMPC is convinced that insuring appropriate development around the edges of More Mesa is essential to our ultimate goal . to preserve More Mesa forever!

Celebrate the season in a most glorious way … visit More Mesa! It will recharge and rejuvenate your spirit. Our warmest holiday wishes to all of you.