June 2010

Russian Knapweed
Last fall the More Mesa Preservation Coalition reported that we were cooperating with County Parks, Channel Islands Restoration and Santa Barbara’s Agricultural Commissioner, David Chang, in a process to remove an extremely harmful invasive, known as “Russian Knapweed”, from More Mesa.

At the time of the first phase of the eradication process, there was about ¼ acre of this weed on County owned sections of the northwest part of More Mesa.  However, since the weed is known to spread easily and rapidly, the eradication of this relatively small area was very important.

Recently, we received some encouraging news from David Chang.  He reported that the infestation was reduced somewhat and that, in keeping with the original plan, the second phase of eradication would take place in early June.

Russian Knapweed, is a noxious weed, that is toxic to horses, and since it is generally difficult to eradicate, it is likely a third application will be needed next year as well.  The More Mesa Preservation Coalition is proud to be an integral part of this important work on County owned environmentally sensitive land, as well as preventing the spread of Russian Knapweed all over More Mesa.