April 2010

ANOTHER AWARD:  The More Mesa Handbook is once again in the limelight!  This time as the winner of the Association of Environmental Professionals (AEP) “2010 Outstanding Public Involvement/Education Program” for the entire state of California!

The award was conferred jointly to AMEC – Earth and Environmental, and the More Mesa Preservation Coalition website.

The AEP is a non-profit organization of interdisciplinary professionals working in all environmental fields, with special emphasis on environmental science, resource management and environmental planning.  Its mission is “to improve the technical skills of its members, and the organization is dedicated to the enhancement, maintenance and protection of the natural and human environment.”

Formed 30 years ago, the AEP was the first organization of its kind in the US, and its influence and model have spawned numerous other regional organizations throughout the US.  The California chapter, in particular, has focused on educating the public about the value of California’s laws protecting the environment, protecting natural resources and promoting responsible land use and urban growth.

Just part of the AEP citation for the award reads …”The More Mesa Handbook has dramatically raised the public awareness of the valuable resources within More Mesa.  The handbook is now widely used by universities, environmental scientists, planning commissioners, planning departments, non-profits, and the Coastal Commission, in the evaluation of More Mesa.  Although the printed copies are beautifully illustrated and thus costly to reproduce, the authors and the More Mesa Preservation Coalition smartly arranged for anyone to easily access the Handbook with the click of the mouse, through the project website, making it highly accessible to all.  Great job!”

And finally, MMPC would like to recognize all those organizations and individuals who are responsible for winning this award … AMEC – who created the Handbook, the Goleta Valley Land Trust and the UCSB Coastal Fund – our funding organizations and Lynn Watson – who manages our great web site.  MANY, MANY THANKS!