June 2013

More Mesa in the Media 
The “first ever” issue of our More Mesa Preservation Coalition e-update was published in mid May. All MMPC supporters who have supplied us with an e-mail address received this single, short page of information on what is happening on, and about, More Mesa. Our new feature sparked interest in many quarters, and prompted an excellent column by Barney Brantingham in the 25 May 2013 issue of the Santa Barbara Independent. Barney’s column touched on More Mesa’s past, present and future.

Consider, for example, an item Barney mentioned in More Mesa’s past. That item was the proposed 1965 Buena Vida development; a scheme which would have covered More Mesa with 800 houses, a 20-acre golf course, a tennis club, a beach club and several large pools. Also featured in the plan was a series of residences to be built just below the bluffs. These homes would currently reside in the Pacific Ocean!

You can find the full article at   More Mesa’s Nine Lives

Lichen on the lone Toyon shrub on More Mesa