Development Threat

More Mesa faces a substantial threat of development that could seriously harm existing ecological, scenic and recreation values. County Plans, adopted in 1993, currently restrict building to 70 large homes on the main Mesa’s northeast 40 acres. The remaining 225 acres is designated as environmentally sensitive habitat (ESH), inhibiting development of these areas. However, even development of 70 new large homes on 40 acres could harm the white tailed kite’s main winter roosting site, disrupt the major public coastal access trail, forever scar the Mesa’s current scenic vistas and harm the fragile beach through increased visitation. No development of More Mesa is currently pending, and we do not know what the most recent owner has planned. However, previous owners of the 265 acres of the Mesa strongly opposed protection of the sensitive habitat on-site and also expressed interest in erecting many more homes than are currently permitted. A hotel, golf course, a horse boarding facility and even a mall have even been suggested in the past. Such development would create even more extensive environmental disruption.

In 2007, the owner of More Mesa requested that an Updated Biological Resources Study be performed to assess the possibilities for rezoning More Mesa for higher density development. While this study was never finalized, the draft may be found in the Biological Resource Studies section of this website.

More Mesa was sold to a Saudi developer in late 2012.