February 2014

Wayne 2003
Wayne Ferren at the 2003 Symposium. Photo by Robert Bernstein.

Second Symposium
It is eleven years since the first More Mesa Symposium was held at UCSB in 2003. Because a lot has happened since that time, MMPC is planning a second symposium, to be held on 15 March 2014. We are very excited to report that Wayne Ferren has agreed to take time from his busy schedule to lead and coordinate the scientific aspects of the symposium. Wayne, an eminent national ecologist, managed the first Biological Resources Study of More Mesa and is well known for his special knowledge of wetlands, vernal pools and especially More Mesa. The morning session will feature technical papers given by knowledgeable experts on important aspects of More Mesa: Ecology, Birds, Development and Legal Issues. The morning will end with a Panel Discussion/Q&A session. We are indebted to the Bren School at UCSB for their gracious offer to host the symposium. Electronic invitations to the Symposium will be sent to all our supporters in the beginning of February. Look for these invitations and register on-line. Space is limited and first priority will be given to those on our More Mesa supporter list.