November 2012

Development on More Mesa
As we reported earlier, a development plan for More Mesa  has been proposed and was being circulated in our community.  Although MMPC has been requesting information critical to any formal decisions we might make with respect to this development, that information has not been forthcoming.

Note: As far as MMPC is aware, the sale of More Mesa to a Saudi developer in late 2012 seems to have marked an end to the attempts of the Hawk team to develop More Mesa.  Therefore all material related to this potential development has been removed from the MMPC web site.

Our mission remains to preserve all of More Mesa … in its entirety … for all future generations.  We intend to continue working toward achieving that critically important mission.


August 2010

The More Mesa Preservation Coalition is pleased to announce that Dan Gira has rejoined the Board of Directors of the MMPC.  And, in addition to being a Board member, Dan has agreed to assume the post of Vice-President as well.  Welcome back Dan!

Although we do not have our regular winter raptor visitors to enjoy at this time of year, there are still many beautiful and interesting birds to observe on More Mesa.  We have had several reports of a Peregrine Falcon, on and near the coast, sightings of Blue Grosbeaks and two recent reports of a Harrier Hawk as well.  And, while Peregrines and Grosbeaks are summer species on More Mesa, it is most unusual for Harrier Hawks to be observed at this time of year. Look for these and other rare birds during your visits to More Mesa.  And, be sure to report them by clicking on “Birds, Animals and Rare Plant Sightings” located at the bottom right hand side of the home page of this web site.  Sightings reports are very important because, while anecdotal in nature, they represent an extensive data base, that has been, and will continue to be, used as credible evidence for the existence of the various special species that live on More Mesa.

blue grosbeak
Blue Grosbeak on More Mesa

September 2007

In June of this year we reported that the permit submitted by developer, Jack Maxwell, to convert the “remodel” in the Hacienda Vieja project to a duplex, was approved by the Planning Commission.  This disappointing decision allowed what will be, in effect, a sixth residence in a very environmentally sensitive area.  Because MMPC believes it is the responsibility of our elected and appointed officials to speak for us, protect our environment and act as guardians of the community’s best interest, we filed an appeal to the Board of Supervisors.

We used the appeal as an opportunity to let the Board know that we are extremely concerned about the cumulative impact of County decisions in the past few years, and remind them that we look to our representatives to protect and preserve More Mesa.  We stressed three points:

  • The community cares about More Mesa.  We value its outstanding visual, biological and recreational values.
  • We want to be involved in any proposed development on or around More Mesa, and we want to be involved early in the process.
  • We want the County to rigorously enforce both the letter, and intent, of adopted polices in the Goleta Community Plan and other applicable county documents.

Unfortunately, the Board of Supervisors voted against the appeal, 3-2 and allowed the permit. During deliberations, Second District Supervisor, Janet Wolf reviewed the history of the project clearly, factually and with extreme thoroughness.  She pointed out that it was not the intent of previous governing bodies to have six residences on the project.  She also stressed that hundreds of hours had been spent in arriving at a solution that was accepted by all stakeholders, and further that the County needed to be true to the integrity all of the processes involved.  It was clear that Supervisor Wolf had spent many, many hours familiarizing herself with the details of this project and was very cognizant of what had transpired over the years of deliberation on Hacienda Vieja issues. First district Supervisor Salud Carbajal echoed Supervisor Wolf’s comments and joined her in voting for the appeal. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Supervisors Wolf and Carbajal for all their effort and support.

More Mesa Preservation Coalition

turnstones A group of 7 or more Black Turnstones on More Mesa beach seen from cliffs, Sep 17, 2007 cassins Cassin’s Kingbird – a group of about 5 seen on central More Mesa, Sep 17, 2007

November 2006

  • Usage Survey: For more than a year, MMPC has been conducting a Usage Survey to determine how members of our community recreate on More Mesa.  We would like to thank our many supporters who responded to a recent e-mail request by completing this survey on line.  Because of this excellent response, we now have almost 300 replies and are nearing completion of the study.  If you have not already participated in this survey, you may do so [here].

  • White-tailed Kites: We are happy to report that we have at least six resident kites on More Mesa at this time.  This is an impressive and heartening number, as many of the traditional sites for these magnificent birds have not been occupied this year.

Northern Harrier on More Mesa, November 4th, 2006 

October 2006

Readers of More Mesa News may recall that this past Spring the More Mesa Preservation Coalition (MMPC) hosted a Forum for all the candidates seeking the position of Second District Supervisor.  At that time, we also provided a detailed reporting of the event, as a feature on this web site.

As the run-off election between the top two candidates (Janet Wolf and Dan Secord) is approaching, we thought you might want to refresh your memory about what these candidates had to say about More Mesa, and how they would go about protecting it, if elected.  You can access their views here.

May 11, 2006 – Candidate Forum