April 2012


We reported in our February News, that the OAK Group will feature More Mesa in their month-long exhibition at the Faulkner Gallery, this coming October.

As a prelude to this well-known gallery showing, the neighbors of the More Mesa Shorescommunity have joined together to host an all-day fund raising event on May 20th.  Most appropriately, it will be held in the backyards of several families living on the west side of More Mesa.  The “Preserve More Mesa 2012” event will feature art and science exhibits by students of local schools, clubs, organizations and local artists, both individuals and groups, all contributing their talents to support community grass roots efforts to preserve More Mesa.

The exhibits and art work featured at the May 20th event will be the result of another ongoing endeavor of the More Mesa Shores neighborhood; one aimed at engaging students, clubs and other youth organizations in the preservation of More Mesa.  Various groups participating have been provided with ideas for science and art projects, as well as information about visiting More Mesa County Open Space.  The topics suggested have been structured to help youngsters understand, and appreciate, all the natural resources; habitats, plants, wildlife etc. that exist in this wonderful open space.

More Mesa County Open Space Activities
students horse
Student tour in the Mitigation Riparian area Horse training adjacent to Atascadero Creek