June 2005

So far, we are aware of at least eight fledged chicks from the first broods of More Mesa’s kites. Since kites often have two clutches a year, this early count is an extremely heartening number. Last year, the total count, for the whole breeding period, for all four mated pairs, was ten. This early news is very welcome, as it seems that many other traditional kite nests in the Goleta Valley may not be occupied this year. However, our More Mesa birds seem to be maintaining a stable population!

MMPC has been out on More Mesa asking members of the community who use More Mesa to complete our usage survey. We will continue this data collection throughout the summer and fall. So far, response and interest has been very lively. As an added bonus, we have been able to talk about More Mesa and MMPC activities, as well as add many interested people to our data base. If you have not already done so, you can complete this survey on line by clicking the “Usage Survey” button on the bottom of the home page of this site.

Parent and one of four chicks from the Central Nest, May 20, 2005.