April 2005

On April 13th, we passed the first hurdle on our Coastal Commission appeal of the Hacienda Vieja project! After a short presentation by MMPC, and one by the developer, members of the Coastal Commission voted overwhelmingly against their staff’s recommendation of “NO significant issues”. This means that, some time in the future, MMPC will get to have a full hearing on this project; one in which we will be able to make all of our points in great detail.

Our sincerest thanks go to all of you who helped to achieve this great success! We are most grateful to Mark Massara for the key role he played (see “Thanks” section of this month’s “People” feature). And, to our supporters, many thanks for your letters, your attendance at the meeting and your continued interest in preserving beautiful More Mesa!

However, our biggest “THANK YOU” goes to 2nd District Supervisor, Susan Rose, who not only wrote a letter to the Commission, but spoke compellingly in favor of our appeal at the meeting. Her presence made a huge difference for MMPC and the future of More Mesa.