April 2004

Restoration Event

Our first restoration session in More Mesa County Park was held on the beautiful sunny morning of March 27th. Thirteen hearty volunteers showed up to hear Stephanie Langsdorf, of Growing Solutions, teach us the basics of the area’s ecosystem, and the particulars of natives and non-natives as well. Then, pitchforks and shovels in hand, we went to work on a hilly rise quite close to the western edge of the park. This area had been previously cleared and planted with various native shrubs and trees; oak, elderberry, coffeeberry, blackberry and bee plant. Our task was to clear the immediate vicinity of each of these plantings of all non natives; most especially Harding grass and thistle. Good News: Almost all of the plants had survived and a large fraction were thriving. Our attention should encourage even more vigorous growth, as well as natural introduction of natives.

Later in the morning, we turned our attention to the creek trail and did some vinca clearing. Stephanie also pointed out quite a large field of our lovely native, fiesta flower. All our volunteers seemed excited about the opportunity to do more of this kind of thing, and we are confident this is just the beginning. Just look at all the smiling faces in theĀ photos!

Earth Day
The More Mesa Preservation Coalition will be participating in Earth Day on April 18th. Come to the Courthouse Sunken Gardens to look at the displays and say hello.

Concert For The Coast
The Concert for the Coast is a free event held in mid May, and sponsored jointly by the Isla Vista Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation and the Shoreline Preservation Fund. The purpose of the concert is to raise awareness of local issues. Happily, this year the organizers have selected More Mesa as their focus! Because of this, we will be able to bring our message to a large number of people who may not be aware of the issues. In addition, proceeds of a raffle, held concurrent with the concert, will be donated to the More Mesa Preservation Coalition. Details of the concert will be posted as soon as they are available. Thank you Concert for the Coast!